Pinay Sex Scandals

Philippine Sex Controversy

Sex controversy from nursing dean at cabuyao,Laguna.This sex scandal reportedly last day one of the best T.V network in this country. The girl was filing case against the boy cause she force to making sex and she afraid maybe she couldn’t graduate in this year.You see in the seen the girl was forcing to remove her dress but later she surrender.The boy was nursing instructor,when the girl filing case he is fired and not accept any company in this country..


Mandaue Cebu Scandal

Video scandal from Mandaue, Cebu City. Where the girls love to fuck with her boyfriend from New Jersey. The girl was Entertainer of her selling products and she meet this guy. cebu

Ilocos Norte Scandal

Another sex video spread from Ilocos Norte. Where the two young partners recording their sharing moments. But hey guys the girl looks like chinita, the recent favorite viewed by the boys.But to tell you frankly chinita is my favorite also. ilocos

Gensan Scandal

Filipina woman taking a good shower before making out with her co-boyfriend. Sex video scandal from Gensan,Mindanao.Were the boys was big time dealer of freshly tuna.The leading hometown exporting tuna in this country. showering

Northern Visayas Scandal

She’s telling something about her father. Is it hurt guys!! Sex video scandal from Northern Visayas, Philippines.


Madison Hotel, Manila

She’s talented!!! she could dance even sing, I hope she became an actress. Sex scene from Madison Hotel somewhere in manila. But i know for shore she’s beautiful. madison

Sex in Coconut Tree

the girl was name Cresilda Volks sex with boyfriend. A filipina actress and sexy model.Very outstanding performance here with nature sex scene. In the scene, i think they have a thunderstorm very stong winds,but the sex was continue!!


Filipina Sex Movie

This girl name andrea. A filipina models and actress. i like the way she act in t.v and sexy body features..but nice tits huh.. andreaa

Pinay in Saudi

This sex scandal reportedly from pinay in Saudi.I think this sex scene happened in internet cafe. ofw

Dipolog Scandal

This Sex scandal Announced from the Beautiful city of Dipolog. But listen carefully, the girl said “Agay!!! hinay beh” in English which means “slow down hony”. Very prestigious moment here… dipolog

MSU Central Mindanao

This scene reportedly from central mindanao. she’s attending class in MSU.her name is Trexie as given the person who spread this video. strip

Samar Scandal

This sex scandal reportedly from catbalogan city. where this girl studied at University of Visayas. pretty

Cubao Scandal

Nursing student need tuition from Cubao. This sex video release at final examination last year, where this girl need to pay for.That’s why back to the finest job. studyante

Cagayan de Oro Scandal

Discover by the people, this sex video reportedly from Cagayan de Oro city. Where this case the girl is attending classes at Xavier University one of the famous school in this city.When the time that this sex video was discover by the parents of the girl, they angry. And the girl was commiting to escaped from home. And the parents said to the public, “I need to caught this guy who fuck to my daughter and filing case with him.” cagayan

Lasap na Lasap ang sarap

Babe Bilis mag hubad na tsupaen mo na ako

Malibog na Eba

Estudyante nakipaglaro sa likod ng bahay

Hot Chinita Sarap na Sarap sa pakikipag sex

Pretty na yummy pa san ka pa

Hot trip ng Barkada sexsexhan sa sarap

Estudyante nagpakita ng boobs at pepe para pumasa

Kung keylan tumanda dun naiskandal

Batang Bata sex kapalit pera

Bagong mag syota niyari ng aking camera

Wow sarap mo cutie sayang nagpabidyo ka

Sa CR nagpasarap

3 Yugtong sarap

Isubo mo ipapasok ko

Si Misis pagkagaling sa office hot na hot sa kama

Hot Working girl sa makati Kinati

Mahiyaing bebot swabe kung gumiling

Bebot Mahilig maghubad sa king harapan


Dara di hotel scandal

Di mapigil ang init

Special hot flavor of the month

Hot Doggie is the Best

Hot Remembrace from Sweet Horny couple leak sex video


Hala Bira sige Sagap mo pa

Hot Dog Style special

Teen Napapasigaw habang sarap na sarap

Another Batch of Huling huli ang sarap


Estudyante nag quickie huli

Simpleng patikim kahit katabi ang officemate

Chinita sarap gumiling

Sarapan ang pag giling

Todo Kadyot si Misis walang kamalay malay na nakabidyo

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