Criselda Volks Scandal Video


Kung ilalarawan ang napanood naming apat na video ay “nakakaawa” talaga si Criselda Volks.
(if you will described what we saw on the four videos, you’ll take pity on Criselda Volks)

Hindi maipagkakailang siya ‘yung nasa video na nakahiga sa kama at “sinasamantala” ng isang Malaysian.
(you cannot deny it, she is the one lying on the bed and being taken advantage of one Malaysian)

Gusto naming murahin nang bonggang-bongga ‘yung lalaki, dahil “nagamit” na nga niya ‘yung katawan nu’ng babae, talagang kinunan pa niya ng video.
(we want to curse the guy, coz’ he already used her body and yet took a video of it)


Ginawa nitong “bading” si Criselda.
(he made Criselda look like a gay)

Honestly, hanggang ngayon, natutulala pa rin kami kapag naaalala namin ang video na ipinakita sa amin. Parang gusto pa rin naming maniwala na hindi si Criselda ‘yon at hindi rin siya ‘yung nakatuwad na babaing may maliit na tattoo sa kanang pisngi ng puwet.
(honestly, up to now we’re still dumb found whenever we recall the video that was shown to us. we still want to believe that it is not Criselda, and she’s not the one bent-over with a small tattoo on the right side of her bum)


Sexy Filipino actress Criselda Volks ANAL sex tape is making a huge blast on internet and cellphones. Criselda allow her Malaysian boyfriend to put his dick where the sun don’t shine, she sucked his cock and he eats her pussy. He even had time to fucker her pussy from behind, great stuff. Criselda Volks admitted in an exclusive interview on “The Buzz” Sunday that she was the girl in sex videos that are being circulated. One thing you will learn from her sex videos is that anal sex is very painful because she is crying like hell. I don’t know what’s the connection between the suicide attempt (drinking liquid bleach and detergent soap) issue last year and this four sex videos of Criselda, but I’m sure that this scandal make sense. This video is crazy, I think this is the first Asian celebrity sex tape posted on AMO Scandal Dumpsite with anal sex!

Get the video download below the screen shots.



Criselda confirmed on ABS-CBN celebrity news “The Buzz” that the said sex scandal tape circulating on the internet and cellphones is true and it was taken by her ex-boyfriend for personal use only. Criselda reiterate that it is a personal video and she didn’t know who leaked the said video file. Volks also added she has no regret making the video and doesn’t believe that her former boyfriend is the one behind on the circulation of the sex video. She was with her boyfriend 5 years ago when they filmed each other. Criselda Volks says that the sex video scandal should never get out and they intended to keep it among themselves as she deliberately continues to defend her boyfriend, who is from Malaysia.


After scandal, Criselda Volks still undecided on US return

Controversial sexy star Criselda Volks said that she’s still undecided if she will go back to America after she admitted that she’s the woman on the sex video dubbed as the “Hyatt Scandal” that recently circulated on the Internet and cellular phone videos.

“I cried after the video came out. And I just thought that I have to go back to America,” Volks said.

Volks, being a US citizen, can go back to he US anytime but when asked if she has plans of leaving the Philippines, the actress replied: “I have no plans for now, yet.”

Volks who appealed to public not to judge her based on what they’ve seen on the video and read on the newspapers admitted that she really feels bad most especially with the negative write-ups against her.

“Babangon ako’t dudurugin ko kayo. But how will I do that? You know, one thing I hate mostly especially in showbusiness is when people judge you. They don’t even know you. They got to watch something and they judge you.

“Ah, naiinis din ako minsan dahil when I read it, when I read the newspapers ang daming dinadagdag na hindi naman totoo. You know they let you look like a bad person. So, I don’t know. Nakakainis lang isipin ‘yung ganu;’n. So, I’ll just ignore na lang siguro,” the sexy star said.

At present, Volks is open to anything. She may choose to go back to the US or continue her showbiz career though she said that showbusiness is her life.

“Well, you know I’m very open to continue my career in showbiz here. I’m also open to the idea of going back to the States. So, I think whatever step will take me. Siguro ‘yun nga parang since I came to the Philippines, showbusiness na ‘yung naging buhay ko, e. This is my life at wala na rin talagang escape. So, why not I continue or okay ding hindi.”





It’s accident — mom

Volks, a mother of eight-year-old boy named Rappa by former partner actor Cris Villanueva, said that she’s happy to have a very loving son.

“You know my son since siguro nagsama kami sa hirap, sa ginhawa, marami kaming pinagdaanan na kaming dalawa lang especially nu’ng iniwan kami ni Cris, you know, we became so close. Whatever happens to me, good or bad, si Rappa is always there. You know, holding my face and hugging me and telling me, ‘Mom, you can do this. Be strong. I love you.”

Volks admitted that Rappa knows about her sex video and she explained everything to her son.

“Ah, marunong na rin kasi siyang magbasa, so, nabasa niya sa dyayro. But you know, he didn’t comment on it. All he said was, ‘That’s okay, Mommy. Accidents happens. Love you.”

“Tinatanggap niya lahat because he loves me very much and I love him very much.”

Volks said that she’s proud of his son who’s mature for his age and grows to be a very understanding child.

“I’m proud of him. You know, we had our ups and down. He’s always there to support me. Sometimes parang siya pa ‘yung tatay ko ako ‘yung anak.”

The sultry actress said that the last she committed suicide she apologized to Rappa since she knows that it was really wrong and unfair for her son.

“This time also. I always say sorry to Rappa. He said, this time, ‘you don’t have to say sorry. It’s an accident. Accidents happen Mom,’” she said.

When asked if she’s not afraid that the scandal could affect her son’s life, Volks said: “Ah, my son is a very intelligent boy. Madali niyang naiitindihan ang mga pangyayari. Although, yeah, I heard about that. Pero sa nakikita ko naman sa anak ko he’s very secure and he’s growing like any ordinary kid. And let him feel that I love him so much,” tapos ni Criselda.

Volks also said that Villanueva already gave her the full responsibility to raise their son.

The actress said that Villanueva finally gave up his rights as the father of Rappa. For her it’s not a big deal since the actor already stop giving support for his son.

“Yeah, okay lang sa akin ‘yun. I mean, as I said before, since kinalimutan niya na nga, wala ng support, wala na lahat. Parang kalimutan na lang niya na may anak kami. Ganu’n na lang. mas okay sa na sa akin ‘yun. ‘Di ba si Rappa wouldn’t want to go to him din naman, e. Rappa wants to be with me.”

When asked if Rappa still acknowledges Villanueva as his father, Volks replied: “Hmm……before but right, now hindi na parang limot niya na rin,” Volks said.

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